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    About SwedeThings

    SwedeThings, located in Calgary Alberta, offers well designed Swedish quality products to the Canadian marketplace. One of our first and most popular products is the Swedish dishcloth by Kattinatt. As a Canadian distributor of all products on our Website, we are happy to work with you to bring the dishcloth and other products (coming soon) to your store. As a native of Sweden, Marie, owner and founder, is excited to share her heritage and great products with the Canadian market.

    When I moved to Canada there were a few things I missed from ‘back home’. One of those was the simple dishcloth I was accustomed to using every day. Over the the years I have brought piles of them to Canada for my friends and family. I am so happy to be sharing the Swedish dishcloth and other Swedish products (soon) with the Canadian marketplace.

    Shop for your Kattinatt cloths today!