Whether you want to buy a few dishcloths or lots of them we've got you covered. Swedethings, bringing to you a Scandinavian touch.
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     Kattinatt Dishcloths


    Kattinatt dishcloths from Sweden will make kitchen and bath cleanups easier and more fun. No need to use paper towels or good hand towels for everyday spills and cleaning when you can use a 100% biodegradable cloth that can withstand 200 dishwasher cycles.  

    Kattinatt dishcloths are a thin flat sponge made of cellulose fiber and recycled cotton. The patterns are made of 100% vegetable dye so the colours last. They are highly absorbent and come in over 200 different design choices. 

    Kattinatt cloths are: 

    • Environmentally friendly
    • Long lasting
    • Biodegradable 
    • Easy to keep clean, machine washable and can be boiled for disinfecting
    • Colours won't fade
    • Fantastic anywhere in the home
    • Great for the cottage
    • Can be written on and used as gifts or cards

    Shop for your Kattinatt cloths today!