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Kattinatt mentioned in Toronto Star, reaches millions

newsPhilippe Clairo

We are so thrilled about the interest our dishcloths are generating! Last weekend, in time for Valentines, an article in the Toronto Star featured the Kattinatt dishcloth in the  number one spot (out of six) as the best home-inspired gift for Valentines.  Jamie Alexander and Star columnist Glen Peloso www.pelosoandalexander.com, says the dishcloth is a great gift for a planet-loving sweetheart. They go on to mention the dishcloth is washable up to 200 times in the dishwasher.

We can actually not confirm that they can be washed 200 times, says Marie Kanwischer, owner of SwedeThings, but we do know they can be boiled (to remove 100 per cent of any bacteria)  and washed in the washing machine at any temperature as well as the dishwasher. It is after all a disposable cloth that can also be composted. 


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Winner of TOP 10 Houseware Favourites 2016

newsMarie Kanwischer

We are so exited to announce that our product at the 2016 Toronto Gift Fair won the TOP 10 HOUSEWARE FAVOURITES award presented by the Canadian Gift Association. So here we are the the Gift Show and boy it's been a busy day. There is so much excitement here, and people love the dishcloths. 

If you are at the Gift Show, please stop by and mention this blog post to receive a complementary dishcloth. We would love to see you. 

Please find us at the Toronto Gift Fair, booth #7209 for more information about the range of Scandinavian products we offer and will add in the future.

Marie, Sherry and Ken.